Birth - a gasp - my first breath.

I feel a pull towards what I do not understand - something mysterious to me.

It is something so totally unknown to me that I cannot comprehend it.

Days pass - I learn - I grow.

The unknown becomes known to me.

I grow comfortable with what is around me.

I know - I have power because I know.

I learn more and question more.

I learn more - I am humbled by what I do not know.

I experience life - revel in the experience.

I grow older.

I feel myself growing closer to death.

I wonder what it is - that which will take me from this life I have come to know.

My death grows near - I am afraid.

Why must I die - where will I go - what is to become of me?

I feel it coming - what is it?

I am dying - a gasp - my last breath.

I feel a pull towards what I do not understand - something mysterious to me.

It is something so totally unknown to me that I cannot comprehend it. 

And so it is with life - a full circle from birth to death.

A path - a path to what I do not know...

Alan E. Ramos - 1975

My Love

My Love - you are -

   Warmth in my heart -

   A smile on my face -

   A feeling of worth in my soul -

   Another reason to be.

You are - my love.

Alan E. Ramos - 1975

The Wounded Tree

Bent by winds from storms long past –

She clings to life though deeply wounded.

Desire for life –
Much stronger than the pull of death.

Holding on to an Earth –
Anxious to rid itself of the misshapen mass.

How beautiful – that desire –
Holding death at arm’s length, tasting the fruits of life.
                                                                       Alan E. Ramos - 1976

The Devious Nature of Nature

When we were young, we were fast (or at least the fastest we will ever be).  In our twenties and thirties, we moved fast, thought fast - we were fast.  We went through life devouring all that was around us.  We were on a mission to be “all that we could be” and “do all that we could do”.  As we age, we start to slow down.  Many people are in denial; trying to keep up the pace of earlier years, but it’s not easy and, in fact, can be dangerous. 

This is Nature’s devious plan.  While we are young and racing through life, we miss a lot of things along the way; particularly the beauty of any given moment.  As the pace of life slows down, we have more time to contemplate what it is that we are doing and seeing.  We have to sit down more often giving us the opportunity to see the beauty of our surroundings, the beauty of a moment, the beauty of a thought.  This is Nature’s gift to us.  She takes away our speed and gives us a deeper perspective.  It’s not like we have a choice; however, all-in-all it is a pretty nice trade.

Alan E. Ramos - 2016


Drink in the pungent aromas of the Earth.
Let if fill your senses – awaken your mind.

Frolic in the ecstasy that nature has given you.
It surrounds you –
It fills you –
It carries you beyond your knowledge.

And it humbles you to know that –
You can only experience it –
Not create it.


 Alan E. Ramos - 1976

An Older Man’s Dream

I walk into a party.  Everyone there is 30 or 40-something, except for me.  A beautiful 40-something woman comes up to me and says: “At last someone with whom I can actually have a conversation.”  I look around to see who she is talking to and it turns out it is me.  I start to converse with her.  I am charming, I don’t stammer, stutter or miss a beat.  She is captivating.  She can speak about so many subjects and has a grace about her that is so very comfortable.  Out of the blue, she asks me if I would like to go upstairs with her.  I hesitate, but then I throw caution to the wind and say yes.

She leads me up the staircase and I watch her walk ahead of me.  She has such a calm, confident walk; I am mesmerized.  She stops at a door, looks back at me and asks me to come in.  My heart quickens as I step into the room.  But then I stop - a bit confused; I see one small night-light and two small beds.  She turns to me and says: “These are my two-year old twins.  You so reminded me of their grandfather, I thought that you would like to meet them.” 

Grandfather; the word echoes through my head.  Grandfather, I can’t get the word out of my mind.  I always loved hearing my grandchildren call out “Grandpa”; I used to enjoy thinking of myself as a Grandfather.  Now, the word has a new meaning for me as I leave the room and slowly walk the long, long walk down the staircase, out into the night, into my car and back to my home.  Grandfather, of course!

Alan E. Ramos - 2015


So, where has the time gone?  It seems like only yesterday that my hair was black and I was young and full of energy.  It was only yesterday when I knew more; I’ve learned so much since then.  Wait!  What?  How is that?  I have learned more, but I know less. 

It seems that the universe of knowledge is so great that every time I learned one thing, I found that there were a thousand more things to learn.  I realize now that there is much, much more that I will never learn.

So why didn’t someone tell me?  Why didn’t someone pass that knowledge on to me?  Oh yeah, now I remember – they tried.  I wouldn’t listen.  I remember saying: Why listen to old people?  What can they know?  They don’t understand people of today.  They don’t understand that the world is different.  Things have changed.  What can they know?

Now, I am the old person.  What can I know?  I couldn’t possibly understand people of today!  I couldn’t possibly know that the world is different.  Things have changed.  What can I know?

I get it now; they don’t want to listen because I didn’t want to listen.  I guess that we all need to learn at our own speed – as part of our own experience – not someone else’s experience. 

I apologize for trying to break that chain – for trying to pass along knowledge to others.  I didn’t realize that I was trying to rob them of their own experiences.

How could I know?  No one told me.  Oh yeah, someone tried to tell me, but I wasn’t listening.  And so it goes . . . . 

Alan E. Ramos - 2017

Homage to Bill (Shakespeare, of course)

Out, out damn spot.  You have deposited urine upon mine rug.
Whether it be nobler to buy a new dog or try to educate the old
I cannot say.  I know that a new rug is not in the offing
As it is beyond the expanse of my paltry purse.

Old spot, you are beloved, but you strain the moments of my heart.
Should you ‘dain to restrain yourself, compassion might return to me.  But if not, you shall be banished from me hither to be replaced by a new spot, my rug then to be unsullied by bad habits.

Alan E. Ramos - 2015


You get an audition notice.  You look at the sides.  You say – “I can do this!”  But what are the odds?  3,000 to 1; 10,000 to 1; a million to one?  If that really bothers you (or you’re sane or practical or just not a bit crazy), then stop.  Don’t go into that room. 

However, if you have a passion that drives you, a demon that is constantly in your ear telling you that to act is to breathe, that acting is living, you walk into that room. You give them the best that you have, say thank you, walk out, throw away your sides and go on to the next one.  You don’t concern yourself with booking the part – you booked the room.  You gave them something to remember you by – you gave them a small piece of your soul – gladly.

You do this without a care in the world, because you just spent the last few minutes of your life doing something that fills your soul, that lifts your spirit and no one can ever take that from you.  You know that your time will come and you don’t really care when because you committed yourself to this passion. 

You are an ACTOR!!!

Alan E. Ramos - 2017

A Fact of Life

When a man with experience meets a man with money, the man who has the experience leaves with the money and the man who had the money leaves with experience.



Each day is singularly unique; however, each day has within it: discovery; a smile; a bit of joy; love; knowledge; wonderment; astonishment; happiness; friendship; bliss; success; a frown; anger; hate; stupidity; ignorance; discouragement; frustration; failure; and on and on and on . . . .

In each day we face many decisions:
Do we smile or do we frown; do we love or do we
hate; do we find knowledge and celebrate with
wonderment and astonishment, or; do we wallow
in ignorance and stupidity; frustration and failure?

These are the decisions we make each and every day.  How goes each day depends on the decisions we make.  If the day is grey and rainy, do we let the grey bring us to our knees in sadness or do we acknowledge that just above the clouds the sun shines brightly and the sky is azure blue.

Our choices are simple: feel the love or give in to the hate; embrace the happiness and seek success or let discouragement and frustration show us only failure.

Some days it is difficult to see the choices, but the choices are there nonetheless.  Embrace them, feel them and never let them out of your reach.  Each day is your day, your choice, your life.  Live it!!!
Alan E. Ramos - 2017

For Dwayne

The child sits -

unknowing tears fall from fearful eyes -

running across scarred cheeks -

dropping onto bruised and battered limbs.

Why don't you love me?

I'm sorry - his heart cries out.

I won't do it again - whatever it is I've done.

Please don't hit me again.

Please love me.

I love you.

Alan E. Ramos - 1977

This page contains poetry, prose and the intra-cranial wanderings of Alan E. Ramos.  Proceed with caution.

Actor, Writer, and


What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear a word you say.



All of nature is filled with imperfection,

     but the realization of

         and the acceptance of

             these things as reality

Serves to strengthen that which is strong.

And so it is with love --

      it will never be perfect

          but it can be strong and lasting,

               it can be rich and bountiful.

Most importantly - It can be.

Alan E. Ramos - 1977 

Tomorrow is an illusion made real by becoming today.

Alan E. Ramos - 1977


The children died at school – hate won the day;
The suits gathered and talked – and did nothing.
The people waited for the leaders to act,
They talked but they did nothing.

People died in the movie theater – hate won another day;
The suits gathered and talked – and did nothing.
The people waited for the leaders to act,
They talked but they did nothing.

The babies died at school – hate and insanity won another day;
The suits gathered and talked – and did nothing.
The people waited for the leaders to act,
They talked but they did nothing.

The young people died at the university – hate and too many guns won day;
The suits gathered and talked – and did nothing.
The people waited for the leaders to act,
They talked but they did nothing.

The people died in church – hate and racism won the day;
The suits gathered and talked – but still did nothing.
The people waited for the leaders to act,
They talked but they did nothing.

The people died while dancing, laughing and loving

– hate and homophobia won day;
The suits gathered yet again and talked – but again did nothing.
Other suits talked of hate, not love – of division, not community.
And the people waited again for the leaders to act,
They talked but again did nothing.

When will hate and insanity and too many guns and racism and homophobia not win the day;
When will the leaders stop talking and act;
When will the students and babies, church-goers and dancing people stop dying;
The people cry out in pain and wait for the answer.

Alan E. Ramos - June 19, 2016 (One week after Orlando, FL)

Golden Years Guacamole - a Recipe

Buy two Avocadoes (leave out to ripen).  After three weeks throw them out because you forgot to check them.

Buy two more avocadoes.  Cut avocadoes in half and, using the knife, hit the pit and remove.  Stick pins in the pit and put pit in a glass of water.  Mash the avocadoes and place in refrigerator.

After three weeks, take mashed avocadoes and throw them out, because you forgot they were in the refrigerator and it is now one blackened mess.  Throw out the pit because you can't remember why you saved it.

Go to grocery store and buy premade guacamole.  Return to the store and buy chips.  Open container of guacamole and the bag of chips and enjoy.

Alan E. Ramos - 2015

© 2017 - Alan E. Ramos