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I am proud to annouce that I am a proud member of Theatre 68, a theatre company with locations in North Hollywood and New York City.   For more information on the company and to find out what's playing now, simply click here.

I am also a proud member of Veterans in Film and Television.  If you are a veteran, and work in the film or television industry (in any capacity), come and join us at VFT.  For more information, go to:

The following is a list of shoots, auditions, projects, and classes currently scheduled and/or completed: 


Since I landed in Los Angeles, have been in 30 shoots, 13 of which I have appeared as background. 

Title:                                        Role:                               Director / Producer:

Masters of Sex  (Showtime)     Marcus - Co-Star               Dir. Michael Apted

(My first series co-star role was shot in August.  The episode aired on October 23, 2016.

Illusory Promises                       The Oldtimer                       Dir. Alejandro Echeverria

(Completed - To be screened Spring of 2017 - date TBA)

It Was an Accident                    Investigator                         Dir. Richy B. Jacobs
(Completed - The film is available now on Amazon)

That Moment                             Storyteller

(Shot on 5/28/16 - Now In post-production)

Human Resources                     Bill                                         Dir. Jacob Bann
(Shot on 2/21/2016 - Now in Post-Production)

0 to 100                                        Interviewee                          Dir. Nick Ross / Tom Murphy
a Web Series featured on                                             
SoulPancake completed
January, 2016


Since landing in Los Angeles, I have had over 130 auditions and 13 call-backs.  The auditions include the following network auditions: One audition for Masters of Sex (called back) and two auditions for Criminal Minds

Current Classes:

Scene Study with Ani Avetyan

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